Vampire Facial

The term “vampire facial” must have brought several questions to your mind just on hearing the name. Does it not sound spooky? Well, yes, to some extent, the vampire facial is spooky as it involves blood! Do not worry much as the facial includes your own blood only. You must be wondering by now what is Vampire facial, what are the benefits if it is scary and even how it is done and several other things. Without wasting much time, let’s feed your curiosity at first!

How does the Vampire Facial work?

If the above question is eating you from inside, then here is the most awaited answer. Vampire facial involves the usage of your blood platelets to get rid of dark circles and other beauty hacks. The blood vessels from the arm region can be of great importance to the people going through the vampire facial. They take blood from the blood vessels and put them under the centrifugation to separate the blood platelets from the rest other components. Once the platelets separate clearly and being easily distinguishable, they are used for the vampire facial immediately.

Vampire Facial
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Does Vampire facial actually work?

The answer of the above question cannot satisfy you unless and until you try out our Vampire facial. The blood platelets contain various healthy materials, including growth part. When these platelets and PRPs enter the dermis and epidermis of your skin, it successfully removes all the dark circles and scars from the surface. Vampire facial has been extremely beneficial to most of the film artists and even average human beings as well. By the rate of success, you can guess the outcome too!

Does Vampire Facial hurt?

Every successful event occurs after a few sacrifices are made at first. Similarly, the vampire facial comes with a few sacrifices too. Yes, it hurts in a vampire facial, but when you get to see the outcome, the amount of sacrifice made would not matter anymore. The treatment of skin takes place in a vampire facial by the procedure of slight needling. The moment they would put the needle according to the alignment of the skin, it would hurt only a little bit this time. So in simple words, yes vampire facial treatments can hurt you during the needling but only to a certain extend.

Later in this article, you will find out various tips and tricks regarding Vampire facial as well. Glue your eyes to the piece for more knowledge.

How Long do vampire facial results last?

Everything in this world comes with a proper expiry date. Nothing remains permanent except for memories. And so does the vampire facial. If you go under the process of vampire facial, then you might have intact and perfect skin for a few days. Eventually, after 2 to 3 months, you might start losing the perfection in your skin after having a vampire facial. So, the vampire facial lasts for at least three months to maintain your beauty at ease. The time of consistency in Vampire facial highly depends on the compatibility of the skin to the treatment. The more the compatibility, the most the time gets extended.

How much does Vampire Facial cost?

Every beautiful thing in this comes in an exchange in exchange for a significant amount. The maximum amount which you can spend on a vampire facial again depends on your skin. The amount can be as high as $1000. The appropriate amount would bring you closer to the correct treatment of the skin once.

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Why Choose Estetique International for Vampire Facial?

There are several vampire facial benefits which only the Estetique International can provide to most of the people undergoing the procedure. Let’s take a look at a few benefits now:

  • The best part of the skin treatment of vampire facial is that it hurts lesser than most of the skin treatments.
  • The PRPs injected in the skin areas get tighter at ease, thus, bringing you back to your young age.
  • The skin becomes shinier. It seems to have a different glow of aura.
  • Vampire facial increases the softness of the skin too.
  • The skin treatment improves the colour and texture at ease.
  • The improved collagen and growth material in the PRP helps a lot in erasing the dark circles and spots at ease.

The above points of benefits and vampire facial aftercare techniques can help you lead a healthy life with an ever glowing skin anyways. Book a consultation with us to discover more!

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